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Your Prayers Are Powerful

‘And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.’
– Ephesians 6:18

Your heavenly Father values you. Think about that!

God loves you and wants to talk to you. With prayer, we all have equal access to God.

What’s more, prayer gives you the privilege of access to ultimate power. God can make anything happen. He can heal, solve any problem, change your financial situation, open doors, cause everything that has happened in your past (whether it was right or wrong, whether you were right or wrong) to work together for good.

God has marvelous plans for his children and the way to access those plans is through prayer.

Expect God to move in your life with prayers of repentance, confession, obedience, submission, praise, and worship. Connect to God and allow His power to flow in you in every situation.

God calls us to pray about everything. The terms prayer, supplication, and requests are similar but not identical.

Prayer is a general devotion; the word includes worship and adoration.
Supplication suggests humility. We are the supplicants in the sense that we make no demands; we simply offer humble requests.
A request is exactly that — a specific petition. We tell God exactly what we want. We pray the particulars of our problems.

What Jesus said to the blind man, he says to us:

What do you want Me to do for you? — Luke 18:41 NIV

One would think the answer would be obvious. When a sightless man requests Jesus’ help, isn’t it apparent what he needs? Yet Jesus wanted to hear the man articulate his specific requests.

He wants the same from us. “Let your requests be made known to God.” When the wedding ran low on wine, Mary wasn’t content to say, “Help us, Jesus.” She was specific:

They have no more wine. — John 2:3 NIV

The needy man in Jesus’ parable requested,

Friend, lend me three loaves. — Luke 11:5 NIV

Not just “Give me something to eat” or “Can you help me out?” He made a specific request. Even Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane prayed specifically,

Take this cup from Me. — Luke 22:42 NIV

Our Annual Word feast prayer conference, an extended consecrated time of Prayer and fasting holds this week. Starting from today Monday, October 28 till Saturday, November 2, we will be praying, supplicating, petitioning and decreeing in prayer with fasting.

God delights in the prosperity of His saints, His children. And we will tilt the jars of heaven for the outpouring of God’s delight, His prosperity.

Now, go ahead as ask him for specific provision over any and every form of debt, lack or disease in your finance.

It is a signed blank cheque to be blessed and live in God’s good success, don’t let it go unused.

Almighty God, Bolster my prayer life! Make me persistent, courageous, and specific. May I depend on communion with you as much as I depend on the air that I breathe. Teach me a little more each day what it looks like to “pray without ceasing.”
I receive the restoration of financial prosperity and abundant wealth for life and living. I receive the power to create wealth and good success.
In Jesus Christ’s name, I ask