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You Have A Credit In Your Account

“Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness”. Gen 15:6

Have you ever had money credited into your account?
Has anyone surprised you with a good “alert” into your bank account?

Just imagine I decided to credit your account with NGN1,000,000.00.
What would you do with it?
The correct answer would be “anything you want”!

If the money came as a gift, then you are free to spend it as it pleases you!

This scenario if real would bring great joy to you as ordinarily, there are so many needs but few resources. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

We read in Genesis 15:6; Abraham took God at His word and his “spiritual account” was credited with a huge inflow of righteousness.

Abraham DID NOT do anything to earn this. It was a free gift from God based on Abraham taking God at His word.

The word Salvation (greek. Soteria) embodies not only spiritual salvation but wholeness, wellness, the sanity of mind, prosperity and all round fruitful life.

Father Abraham received this by simply accepting God’s word as true and valid in his life.

Can you do that?

So many of us are so logical and intelligent that even if Jesus appeared and declared us holy and righteous we would not believe Him.

If He declared us free from sickness, we would remind Him of the headache we have and show Him our medication. If He appeared and told you He had just deposited a million dollars in your account, you would show Him your apparent state of lack!

Beloved, it is high time we took our trust off our qualifications and experiences and put our trust in God.

Believe God’s word and receive by faith the “alert” of righteousness, wellness, wholeness, peace, safety, security and prosperity which the Lord has promised you.

He is the faithful God, He will honor His word.

Jesus is alive!




Dear Father God, I hand over all of me to you, my whole life, family, ministry, career, enterprise, health, vision. I give them all over. I quit trying in my power. I quit trusting in my qualifications. Jesus, have your way in me, take over and move freely in my life today and always.
In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.