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You Are Not Hopeless

‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.’
— Proverbs 13:12 NIV

I want to share some thoughts with you based on this verse;

‘Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life. (ESV)

‘Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around.’ (MSG)

I know that many have lost hope in certain areas, but be rest assured that God can change your discouragement to encouragement.

I want to share an allegory with you.

Many years ago, the devil was doing a yard sale.

The Items for sale includes the following:
Anger – NGN500
Pride – NGN50
Greed – NGN 200
Envy – NGN 600
Wrath (Anger) – NGN 1,000
Laziness – N2,000

People were scrambling at that yard sale and picking all items in droves.

However, there was a particular item that every customer coveted, why? It was expensive and highly rated…

It cost over NGN 1,500,000.

That sin is discouragement.

When people asked the devil why discouragement was the most expensive.

He said, ‘It takes a lot of hard work and bad experiences to get someone discouraged and hopeless, but once they are, all the other sins manifest in their life.’

*Hmm!!! I hear you say, but I have since realized that the reason why most Christians fail is that they easily get discouraged when they fail in life.*

So most times, a complete feeling of hopelessness leads to discouragement. And then we stop praying, believing, fellowshipping, and then goes on and on. Little wonder the devil works hard to make bad things happen to good people.

Today, I encourage you.

I urge to become a diligent student of scriptures, go, and look up bible scriptures of people who encountered the same kind of situation you have faced or you are currently facing.

Filter life through the promises of God. When problems surface, tell yourself, “But God said . . .” 

When struggles threaten, flip through Scripture, saying, “I think God said something about this.”

When comforting others, ask, “Do you know God’s promise on this topic?”

The promises of God serve as an apothecary shelf of remedies. Just as the doctor might prescribe a medication for your body, God has given promises for your heart.




Dear Heavenly Father, I believe in you! I put my trust in you and I am full of hope. I am not condemned, I am not dismayed, I am confident that my Redeemer lives. And He will make all things happen for my good in Jesus Name. Amen.

Join us tomorrow Saturday, April 6 by 7 am as we pray and make prophetic declarations to break all strongholds and release open heavens at our monthly Prophetic Healing Service