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What Do You Seek?

‘But Elisha asked him, “Don’t you realize that I was there in spirit when Naaman stepped down from his chariot to meet you? Is this the time to receive money and clothing, olive groves and vineyards, sheep and cattle, and male and female servants? ‘
– 2 Kings 5:26 (NLT)

The story of Elisha from the books of 1 Kings and 2 Kings will be an epic if made into a movie. From how he abandoned his lucrative agribusiness in answer to a call (1 Kings 19), to seeing Elijah ride the rocket of fire straight into the skies (2 Kings 2).

Elisha wholeheartedly followed the call of God. He pursued God not Gain. Even when Elijah, his mentor was about to leave him, he did not panic or go into a frenzy, rather his focus was on the goal with so much clarity and tenacity.

But how about Gehazi, Elisha’s Personal Assistant. He was probably in line for a double portion of the anointing of Elisha. Wow! That would have been mind blowing.

Just imagine having a double portion of Elisha’s anointing, Elisha whose bone though in a dead and dry state was still potent enough to activate life in another human (2 Kings 13:21). What power!

Sadly, it was not to be. Tough Gehazi witnessed numerous marvelous works, his heart chased after personal gain. He forgot that money failed the billionaire General Naaman. The rich celebrity statesman Naaman lived with a condition till he encountered the true God.

Gehazi didn’t read between the lines. He sought to exchange the anointing for wealth. He looked away from eternal inheritance and focused on earthly gain (2 Kings 5:20). And though he got much money and possession, it added sorrow with it.

Beloved let us guard our hearts with all diligence. Let’s not trade our eternal inheritance for earthly gain. Seek God first. Seek God for God. Keep eternity in view at all times.

If you have God, you have all. If you miss God, the gain will come with sorrow in its baggage.

May you not lose your eternal reward in Jesus name. Amen.

Dear God, give me a heart of discernment. Open my ears to hear, open my heart to understand what the Spirit is saying. Help me live by faith not by sight.

In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.