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I never valued the importance of a strong foundation until we built our first church auditorium. My greatest shock came with the bills. I was surprised that Millions of Naira would go into a foundation that no one would ever see.

The need for concrete was obvious, but then we also needed huge pipes, long cables and deep footers to go underground before we begin building the parts everyone would see. I was tempted to make a fuss, but a wise architect cautioned me: “Nothing is more important than the foundation”

Through building that worship center and a few other buildings, I now appreciate the immense value of a foundation. The foundation of your marriage would not be immediately noticeable, yet it will determine the strength, growth and quality of your marriage.

The Hebrew word “Genesis” means “Beginning”. Everything about life begins in the book of Genesis – including plants, animals, humanity, sin, redemption, government and marriage. In fact, as early in Genesis 2:18 – 25, the story of marriage begins to unfold.

Reading this famous story slowly, we can discern the foundational stones of a strong marriage. In this 12th edition of the Couples’ Breakfast Conference, we will see how the bible builds on the foundation laid down succinctly in the opening chapters of Genesis.

In almost 23years of being married, I found out that my marriage confronted a tremendous amount of immaturity in me.

My understanding of these confrontations and my processes past them have since provided the strong foundation upon which I now stand.

What exactly makes up this foundation? Find out!

Funmi Johnson (Convener, Couples’ Breakfast Meeting)

DATE: Monday July 20, 2015 (A Public Holiday in Nigeria)

VENUE: Main Auditorium, University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, Lagos

TIME: Breakfast is served by 8am (GMT+1)

Admission is Free!

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Couples’Breakfast Invite