The Wedding Celebration

After Jesus had finished speaking, one of the guests said, “The greatest blessing of all is to be at the banquet in God’s kingdom!”
– Luke 14:15 (CEV) (Read Luke 14:15-24)
Imagine throwing a wonderful wedding feast. How would you feel if you offered invitations to your family and friends but nobody came? Yet that’s exactly what happens in this story, told in two different parables by Jesus. (Matthew 22:1-14 and Luke 14:15-24)A king invited a bunch of friends to a wedding celebration for his son, but they dismissed the invitation and went their different ways, one guy to his farm, another to his business.

Luke’s version gives a fair amount of color and detail here. It paints a picture of people who are just too busy and self-absorbed to come to the party. One guy RSVPs by saying he can’t make it because he just bought a new piece of property; too much to do there. Another says he’s busy with his livestock. Then another one says he’s just gotten married himself and can’t possibly come.



I would like us to consider these parables as if they are about the call to corporately worship with one another in church.

When the invitation to worship comes, what is the attitude of our heart: apathy or excitement? Do we have excuses? Are there twenty-seven other things that seem more important for us to do?

We have a job; we have family responsibilities; we have all sorts of things that we must do. Of course, all of these things are important. The Bible never says that they are not important. But we must recognize whether those things are trying to creep into first place and keep us from the joy of coming to the celebration and worshiping together corporately.

That’s what church is all about! It’s a big celebration of the goodness of God!

Putting God first and putting the Kingdom first means we put worship first.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I accept the invitation to deepen my relationship with You in worship. Help me order my priorities to match Yours. Don’t let me get so distracted that I start to have the wrong attitude about worshiping. Instead, I choose to follow Your lead in my life, and I ask that you rekindle my love for You — your presence in a new way. In your name I pray, Amen.