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The Answer Is In The Word

“Then Peter said, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.” And he took him by the right hand and lifted him up, and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength”
– Acts 3:6-7 (NKJV)

The book of Acts 3:1-11 is significant in that it records the first miracle in the book of Acts. As you read it, notice that the lame man was daily laid at the gate called Beautiful, yet nothing of beauty could be said to be around him, not until these two men, recently filled by the Holy Ghost arrived.

the word

the word

Many in the world today are sitting at a beautiful gate but their experience is anything but beautiful.

Many think that the gift of money will solve their problem but yet the source of all is what they really need.

Beloved, your salvation is not just for you alone, you have been saved to influence and impact the world for God.

Maybe life is becoming a mere ordinary routine and cycle of unmet expectations, but that should all change when a Spirit-filled Believer walks in faith with boldness and prophetic insight.

Are you a believer?
Are you baptized in the Holy Spirit?
Are you bold about your faith?
Do you have prophetic insight?
These qualities were all it took for Peter and John to shake the man loose from the grasp of Satan.

Do not be satisfied with just going through the motion with no impact! No more!

Ours is a precious and powerful faith. The world is waiting for you to manifest it. Romans 8:19 puts it this way “For all creation is eagerly waiting for you, child of God, to manifest…” 

Get filled and get going!  Take on your world with the word. The world is desperately in need of you.


In Jesus Name I declare I am filled with the Spirit and power of God.
My life shines forth the glory of God.
I am a city set on the hill; I shine the 
light for all around me to see.
I will influence and impact the culture of the world for the King of kings today and always. Amen.