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Serve Your Gift

A man’s gift makes room for him, And brings him before great men.
– Proverbs 18:16

Joseph and Daniel are both ‘technologies’, very special archetypes of kingdom lifestyle. Interestingly, they both lived in strange lands, in exile.

These strange lands with their laws were oppressive to people of their “kind”, yet the excellence in them was not hidden or camouflaged.

Rather, their ability to do and be different triggered a series of events that culminated in the amendment of the Supreme laws of these lands. This allowed them (slaves and foreigners) to occupy positions of authority, ruler-ship and great influence answerable only to their respective Kings.

Why is this not replicated in our own time?  Maybe we are not diligent, full of excuses and extremely superstitious.

Instead of being excellent at what we do we oftentimes deceive ourselves by giving “seeds”, reciting prayers and making “positive confessions” hoping this will suddenly make things change for us.

None of those are bad in themselves, but we must realize that a man’s gift isn’t just money that he pays in Church. It is what he is endued with which if applied diligently can impact and offer a solution to a dying world.

We need to stop beclouding our sense of reasoning. Faith without works is dead on arrival.

So Get up! Push the envelope.

Do something you have not done before. Be excellent!

Work your gift and make heaven proud of you.

Pray like never before, Confess the promises and Work as if your life depends on it (because it does)

Refuse to settle into the crowd…do what you do in a way and manner that no one else can and see where the Lord will take you to!



In Jesus name I declare I am distinguished by the workings of my gift. I come out of the closet of procrastination, excuses, laziness, and sloth to embrace a faith full of works. I will serve my gift to the world in excellence and the Lord will promote me to great heights of honour. Amen.