Did you know that:

  1. Christ Jesus Our blessed Lord used the book of Psalms as he did other books of Scripture, and quoted from it?
  2. He and his disciples used the Psalms as a book of devotion, we learn from their singing the Hillel (a type of hymn) at his last supper, which we know was composed of Ps 113; 114; 115; 116; 117, and 118.
  3. Psalms were used by the Christian church from the earliest times in devotional exercises, especially in praising God.

Little wonder the Psalms has been described as “ the most useful book in the Bible, and is every way worthy of the wisdom of God.”

 21 Days of 'Living In the Power of the Psalms' with Daily Fasting and Prayer.

Held From Sunday October 11th - Saturday October 31st,2015

It is Time To Go Higher Into the Deeper things of the Supernatural...!

It is time to live in victory...! Live Above and no longer beneath!


Pastor Tokunbo Beulah Johnson (Host)

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