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Release The Grip

“Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”
–1 Peter 5:7

Financial pressure is a right-up-in-your-face situation, isn’t it? It isn’t something that comes and goes—it’s there all the time. While you’re busy putting out one fire, another seems to ignite, then another.

Maybe you feel irresponsible if you aren’t up at night worrying about your situation or searching the internet for any possible ideas or help.

When you take the natural approach, you might think of a way to avoid one disaster, but then another appears on its heels. As you do this, you find yourself getting more tired, frustrated and discouraged than ever before.

The reason is simple: When you try to fix something in the natural, that’s where your situation will stay.

Whatever you’re facing today will always turn out best in the supernatural. The impossible suddenly turns into likely, the broken becomes fixed, the old is made new, and mourning is turned into dancing.

So, if you want to overcome financial pressure, release your grip on your situation, cast your cares upon the Lord, and watch Him work.

There is a way out of financial pressure, every pressure—no matter how extreme. Even in your moment of impossibility, when you take back your power, keep tithing and giving, get rid of debt, and focus on praising and obeying God, you’ll overcome the financial pressure you’re facing today.

There is a victory on the other side of this for you. In the Name of Jesus, you will be free!


Lord, I thank You that You want my family and me to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper because we are Your children. We know that as we study, follow and obey Your Word, we will succeed in all we do. Each of us is like a tree planted along the riverbank, bearing good fruit each season.
We know that You give us the power to be successful in all You’ve called us to do. We trust You when You promise to bring sinners’ wealth to us because we know that You receive pleasure when we, Your servants, prosper.
We know that You won’t withhold any good thing from us and that Your blessing makes us, the righteous, rich. And we praise You for all You are doing in and through us!

In Jesus Christ Name I pray. Amen.