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Rain! Rain! Go Away

“…they will revere his glory. For he will come like a pent-up flood that the breath of the Lord drives along. ”
– Isaiah 59:19   

…And then it began to pour! Torrents of rain! It seemed like heaven had unleashed itself upon the earth. Never before have I been so thankful for good headlights, working wipers, hazard lights, safe brakes and a vehicle chassis. Even at that it was obvious that a slow pace was the way to go.

Sometimes life can be like an overwhelming rainstorm.

Just as the good brakes, wipers and headlamps are useful ”standards” against a storm, so also do we need good friends, a good church, faith in God, scripture verses and much prayer and worship as our “standards” or “protective walls” to help us get through the storms of life, and even with those we still need to slow down, pull out of unnecessary activities and prayerfully figure things out.

No storm lasts forever, but no storm should be taken for granted.



You may not be in any storm, however, still ensure that your real life “brakes, wipers and headlights” are in good order, because you can never tell when the storm will hit.

Get into a good church, grow in grace and faith. Embrace a personal dimension to worship and allow God work in you.

Above all your eyes must remain on Jesus such that like Peter we will not sink in despair when the storm comes. (Matthew 14 :30-31 …But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me! Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him…)

In Jesus Name I declare the Lord is my refuge and strength, in Him I put my trust. My strength is renewed like that of the eagle. I will run and not be weary, I will walk and not faint because the joy of the Lord is my strength everyday. Amen.