We thank God for the success of R.A.G.E 2015: NIGERIA without Oil. It was a redefining and enlightening time. 

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Dear friends,

Great times of skill empowerment are here again! Yes it’s time for our annual life-changing summit, R.A.G.E 2015. 

The theme for this year’s summit is “Nigeria Without Oil”. R.A.G.E 2015 insert

It’s time for a reality check for oil producing nations like Nigeria. Global Oil prices are on a downward spiral and chances of soon recovery are not looking too good.

Nigeria’s Minister Of Finance and Coordinator of the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, said recently  “For real, the prices of crude oil might go further down, just as it might rebound, but we planned for the worse so that in a situation there is no improvement in the near future.”

So, what do we do as a people? Is there a way of escape? Do we have any “Plan B”? Here enters R.A.G.E 2015.

Our Agenda at R.A.G.E 2015 is to posit the way forward by focusing on alternative sources of income generation that are more sustainable and equally very rewarding.

Through this year’s summit, we seek to establish the followings: 

1. That Agriculture can no longer be viewed as a development activity in Nigeria but a business, with a goal to enable a private sector led agricultural renaissance where Nigerian agribusiness competes on the global stage and plays a lead role in building the future for global food security.

2. That now is the time to find out and explore mineral resources that are available bountifully in the 6 different geopolitical zones of Nigeria and position our businesses for economic advantage.



So now is the time to let the experts help you to discover which mineral resources are available in the 6 different geopolitical zones of Nigeria and how to position your enterprise for advantage.

Focusing on the country’s agricultural sector has a great potential to bring about not only food security and economic development, but also to create a model of socially inclusive economic growth.

As a Side Attraction, various HR experts in recruitment and job placements will be providing tips on how to make yourself employable in the very compatible labour market.

We at R.A.G.E 2015 have decided to aggressively work together with governments and private sector organizations to unlock this potential by providing you with much helpful information needed to diversifying the economy, reduce demand for food import and create jobs. 

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Join us on the R.A.G.E trail, let’s unearth the hidden treasures in this land for the benefit of all.

See you around!

Tokunbo Beulah Johnson 

Convener, R.A.G.E  Conference


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