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Rise Up!

(Rise) Up! let your face be bright, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is shining on you. Isaiah 60:1 (BBE)

What will we do with Jesus? The truth is we are left with little choice when it has to do with the Lord. We cannot ignore Him. Either ways our posture towards Him will determine what He will be towards us.

To those that will trust their lives to Him, He will become the source of their lifting and to those who resist His love He becomes their downfall!

Simeon understood this and so prophetically declared to Jesus’ earthly parents, “…See, this child will be the cause of the downfall and the lifting up of great numbers of people…” (Luke 2:34).

Your destiny therefore becomes a function of the choice you make with regards to Jesus, and so Moses urges us to ..Therefore choose life that both thou and thy seed may live”-Deut 30:19

So, your outcome is not dependent on your environment. It is not about the intensity of the trial. It is all about your alignment with Grace! Jesus is our Lord of Grace and as long as you steadfastly hold unto Him and refuse to give in to the lies of the enemy your “Rising” is assured.

Jesus is this “Light of the World”. As you daily embrace Him, you “RISE UP” to every occasion and in faith God’s glory rests on your life.

You must learn to wear this glory well, but it begins with making the choice to follow the One whose name is “Life!” Notice that the writer says “let your face be bright”…This is what God’s glory does.

It is the best thing to do, to trust the Lord. In His hands we are safe and secure and His joy fills and flows through us no matter what we face. So choose Life and embrace your rising.

In Jesus Name I declare My Light has come, the finger of God is on my life. I rise up in the power of my redemption and show forth the glory of God to the world. I enter into my large place of influence and relevance. Amen.

QITS_Rise Up