To fulfill what was written in Matt 24:14,The Capstone (Church Without Walls) has, over the years, been committed to supporting missions through prayers , emotional support and financial partnerships with  established missionary agencies/organizations as well as embarking on mission-field trips.
In January 2013, in answer to a Macedonian call from India, The Senior Elder and His Associate, Pastor Tokunbo and Funmi Johnson embarked a mission trip to the city of Indore, India. During the weeklong visit, The Senior Elder was able to minister to the brethren in Indore and the holy Spirit was present to deliver brethren from the lethargy that has befallen them due to too many oppositions facing the church. He encouraged and prayed with them. He also interfaced with a foremost market place apostle Dr Chacko, the owner of Laurel School International, Indore. Pastors Tokunbo and Funmi Johnson also visited Dubai where they also strengthened and encouraged Apostle Shah in the work of the ministry been done through him in Dubai. (See pictures attached)
 happy moments. Warm Reception at the airport in Indore, India
PT n PF with Dr Chacko
Mission to India
PT with some indian Youth
PT Ministering in India
PT n PF with the brethren after a service in India
PT n PF with Apostle Shah of Light n Life Church, Dubai
PT n PF by the waters in Sharjah, UAE
Another of such partnerships is with CAPRO, a forefront missionary agency with a wide network of operations within and outside Nigeria.
The Capstone has forged a meaningful partnership with this missionary body and others like her  ; encouraging constructive interface with the aim of empowering and equipping missionaries for their assignment.
In January 2008, in obedience to the Lord’s instruction earlier received, the Senior Elder led an apostolic team of some members of the church leadership for a Mission survey to the Republic of Togo; holding meetings with some leaders of various churches and christian ministries we came across. The five (5) days in the city of Lome was majorly spent in strategic prayer warfare and intercessions against the spirit of idolatry in the land. A spiritual mapping of West African francophone countries (especially Burkina Faso , Cote d’Ivoire, Republic du Benin) was also done.
In 2009, the church partnered the CAPRO Togo Mission by providing the missionaries with a motorcycle – a critical need for one of their outposts at the time.
In 2010, a cash support representing a tithe of a special offering raised during the church’s convention was also sent to CAPRO.
Financial and material sponsorships to other missionaries in some parts of the country namely Obimma Village in Port-Harcourt, Akure, Ondo State and Kunbi Village near Ibadan were liberally administered as God gave us grace.
We recently donated a Mini-Bus (10 Seater) to the HighWays And Edges Missions in Akure to assist in their evangelistic work in the hinterland villages beyond the shores of Idanre into the deep grooves and riverine suburbs (See Pictures attached).
We are also spearheading some mission work in the riverine area of Makoko in Lagos State, where we  are providing medical support, foodstuff and education sponsorship to indigent fishermen’s children.
Our apostolic grace has been put to work in various nations wherever the Lord had provided opportunities and opened doors for apostolic ministry. This includes Matunda Village in Kenya, Dubai in the UAE and Paris, France where we have been used by the Lord to strengthen some of the frontline ministers in those nations to continue their kingdom expansion mandate in the face of all odds and high risk to their lives and ministries.
Since 1995, our leadership have been in personal partnership with Christian Missionary Fund in various ways especially in the area of emotional support and resourcery for some of the CMF leaders.
In the days ahead , we shall be intensifying our drive in Urban Mission as we provide spiritual resources (through movies, the arts and entertainment) that could be used in evangelistic campaigns and effective discipleship ministry to the growing Youth demography which constitutes over 62 % of the ripe harvest field of Africa.
Join your faith with ours weekly as we continue to pray in line with the Lord’s profound injunction to us in Matthew’s Gospel Chapter 9 vs  37 :
1. That the Lord of the harvest will send workers into the vast and ripe harvest field of the earth.
2.  The Word of God may increase and have a free course among the highly-islamised Arab nations of the Middle East (Egypt , UAE, etc).
3.That the Lord will give protection to His servants on apostolic assignments in the Middle East and also their teams and family.
3 . That the men and women serving as missionaries in the rural areas of Nigeria and West Africa will continually receive encouraging supports (prayer,financial and emotional) so that their hearts will not fail but rather strengthened by God’s Spirit.
4. That the nation of France will turn from godlessness but once again bow to the supremacy of the Lordship of Jesus as God enthrones governments and legislations that will favour the planting of churches and remove draconian and  hostile legislations that threaten the existence of the church.
5.That the francophone countries (Togo , Benin ,Burkina Faso ,Cote d’Ivoire ,etc) of  West Africa be open and receptive to the gospel of the kingdom.
For more information about how to participate in our various cross-cultural and urban mission projects and prayer please call +234 802 318 2030 or email: helpdesk@thecapstoneonline.com.

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