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At Couples’Breakfast Meeting, God has commissioned us to stand guard at the gates of the Holy Institution at this auspicious time when Satan has unleashed his rage on the Homefront, on component members of the family and all that marriage stands for.

Marriage is the bedrock of Society. God instituted Marriage, and through this Institution blessed man and preserved mankind as a race.

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Through the Couples Breakfast meeting, God has restored marriages, reversed the hands of divorce, settled families and added color to family life.

Come into the atmosphere that changes everything about your marriage. The Couples’breakfast is about discoveries that make your union sizzle. With an intensity that draws the attention of the supernatural, men and women reach out to the designer of marriage in worship.

There’s never a dull moment as every art form lend themselves to the purpose of enriching the marriage union. As a usual practice, the marriage covenant is further reaffirmed and reinforced as couples take the communion together.

Couples’Breakfast meeting discourse topics over the years include; Made in the Image of God (2010), Intimacy In Marriage (2010), Juice of Marriage (2011), Unity in Diversity (2011), Parenting (2012), My Spouse & I (2012), The Great Expectation (2013), Deliberate Architecture (2013), Unbosom Sex 1&2 (2014), Transgenerational (2015), Undergird (2015), Inequity (2016), My Ideal Spouse (2017), The MasterClass (2018) and Now Marriage PLC (2019)

All the messages are available on Audio CD, DVD and downloadable mp3 formats on demand. Simply email familytoday@funmijohnson.com or call +234 802 318 2030 or +234 807 724 8222 to book your copy.

The convener of Couples’ Breakfast Meeting has specifically authored a book on Marriage health. This is borne out of personal revelations from raising a family in a marriage of over two decades. The book is titled ” THE SECRET GOLDEN BOOK OF WEALTH FOR COUPLES”.  and is available at CRC The Place, The Capstone (Church Without Walls), 25 McEwen Street, off Herbert Macaulay Street, Alagomeji-Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. It is also available in some leading bookstores. 

You can also place an order by simply sending an email to;  familytoday@funmijohnson.com or call +234 802 318 2030 or +234 807 724 8222 to get copies delivered to you (Terms & Conditions Apply).

Couples’ Breakfast meeting presently holds twice in the year. 

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Couples’Breakfast…. forming formidable families

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