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No ‘Ifs’ For A Believer

 “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”

Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”
– Mark 9:23-24 

Intimacy with Jesus is not the exclusive preserve of a select few in the kingdom. Jesus wants everyone and anyone who is willing to know Him better. His joy is to empower us and not hinder our experience with Him.

Unlike the Old Testament days when the Nation had to stand afar from the mountain, Jesus draws us closer to Him.

Faith, therefore, isn’t our burden, neither should it be a trap. Yes, there are tests, but Christ does not put obstacles in our path to knowing Him, No.

Take a look at this, “While they were saying all this, Jesus appeared to them and said, “Peace be with you.”  They thought they were seeing a ghost and were scared half to death. 

He continued with them, “Don’t be upset and don’t let all these doubting questions take over. Look at my hands; look at my feet—it’s really me. Touch me. Look me over from head to toe. A ghost doesn’t have muscle and bone like this.” As he said this, He showed them his hands and feet.

They still couldn’t believe what they were seeing…He asked“Do you have any food here?” They gave him a piece of leftover fish they had cooked. He took it and ate it right before their eyes. (Luke 24:36-43).

What do you think Jesus was doing? He was proving to them that He had risen. He was carefully growing their faith using irrefutable signs! He was gently nudging them to the place of trust, total absolute trust in Him.

This is what our Saviour lives for. To help us to believe. To groom, train, nurture and guide us into all truth.

Did you notice His commitment to His disciples? Even so, He is fully committed to you.

You will not Fail! He will not allow you to.

Always take all your questions, heartaches, and issues to Him, His love will cover, protect and nurture your faith till you mature out and grow to full age!


Dear Heavenly Father, the Almighty God. I ask that you cause all grace to abound to me in all things today. Help me to overcome all doubts and fears. Teach, nurture and guide me into a deeper, stronger and more resolute trust in you. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen.