The Capstone (Church without walls) presents Manometer 2020. Manometer is the annual men’s conference organized by the Men of Integrity Team.

Never in the history of man has there been such uncertainty as we have now…

Every formula seems to have failed and the hearts of men are beginning to fail them.

But Brother, this isn’t the time to quit.But the time to build your faith in anticipation of a better tomorrow.

This is the time to build your defenses in God and demonstrate your resilience!

The scriptures foretell of -a time like this- A Season of Great Travail that would, if it were possible, consume the very elect.

But rather than quit, we must turn to our Source for LIFE!

Why? For the Just-Gods Called-out ones, shall Live, Thrive, Expand and Grow, by FAITH.

It isn’t the size of the opposition that determines our victory, no! It is the size of our faith in GOD!

So join us and get your faith POWERED UP at this year’s MANOMETER Conference.

This Year’s conference will feature experienced Ministers who have themselves faced and triumphed over very difficult circumstances…

So join:
1. Dr MARTIN Williams, (Senior Pastor, AWCNATION, Omaha Nebraska, USA)
2. And other anointed men of God.
3. Music will be provided by the MOI Music Team                       

And Conference Host is Pst. Beulah Tokunbo Johnson: Senior Elder/Pastor, The Capstone (Church Without Walls)                                     

It’s time to get ready to reap a coming harvest.

Do not despair, rather Prepare!


Date: Thursday 1 October, 2020.
Time: 6pm
Venue: Strictly on Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

This unique program is powered by The Capstone(Church Without Walls)

I look forward to see you there!!

Pastor Tokunbo Johnson (President, Man of Integrity)