“Kollabo” – Out-R.A.G.E February 2015 Edition

Sometimes what we need to set off the “God-Spark” in us is “Kollabo”, a li’l “Unusual-Church”! It is our pleasure to invite you, and your friends and associates to probably the most unusual service you have attended in 2015! We call it Out.R.A.G.E…you call it “Awesome”!

Out.R.A.G.E! is a strategic OutReach to a Generation of Young, Energetic and Dynamic Men and Women who are vital in God’s Agenda for today! Join us as we Experience God @ The February Edition of Out.R.A.G.E! holding @The Capstone 360 MM Way Yaba on Sunday 22nd of Feb 2015!

kollabo, Out-R.A.G.E February 2015 Edition

kollabo, Out-R.A.G.E February 2015 Edition

Featured artists include T.A.K of “SoundCode-say it/get it” Fame, Joe Mallam (Kano), Ayan Crew and More!

First ever Out-R.A.G.E Freestyle Rap Battle! #freestylerapbattle  #‎deepworship  #ferventprayer #dance #glory #power #praise

#impactfulword #allthingsglorious!

Its ‪#‎unusualchurch designed for ‪#‎unusualyouth!


Time: Sunday February 22nd

Time: 9am!    Please share and Plan to attend!

#Kollabo FAQ 

The 7 main questions!

1. Who is Kollabo? Ans: Kollabo na You and……(ehen)

2. When is Kollabo?: Ans Sunday Feb 22 9am charp!

3. Where is Kollabo? Ans : @The Capstone 360 MM Way Yaba

4.How is Kollabo?: Kollabo fine wella!

5.What is kollabo? Ans: It’s a thanksgiving! Its a party! Its a Musical Jumpoff! Its a talent hunt! Its manythings but it is NOT Boring!

6. Why is Kollabo? Becos we need am Nwanne!

7. Will there be Kollabo? For sure my Guy!

 That na di main thing! BE THERE!