At last, we have come to the concluding book of the New Testament: Revelation.

The Apostle John wrote the Book Of Revelation during his exile on the Island of Patmos. (Rev.1: 9-11). It was the place to which he was banished by one of the Roman emperors, Nero for preaching Christ, and converting pagans to the Lord Jesus. The Book of Revelation as received by him was a letter sent to the Seven Churches concerning things to come. John’s purpose in writing this book was to give hope and encouragement to those Christians like him who were suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. The Book showed clearly that God controls whatever happens here on earth. And that complete disgrace awaits satan, his demons and his works.

(27) In the Book of Revelation, He is Our Soon, Coming King.

He is also The Word of God, who rides on the White Horse – Rev.19: 11-16.
The Book of Revelation is a book of symbolism and imagery. The symbols and imagery all express that Jesus Christ is the Lord and ruler over everyone and everything-even powerful human governments.

Christ is in control and will one day punish what is evil, even satan.(Rev 12:9; Rev. 20:1,2)

‘White Horse’ represents Victory. The Final victory that Christ will obtain over the Beast and the false Prophet of Rev 19:20.It is a symbol of the final triumph of the Church over evil.Rev.11: 15.

‘White fine linen cloth’ means Righteousness

Rev19: 12. The “name written on him that no one knows but he himself” is a reference to what Jewish rabbis call the ‘shem hamephorash’, or the tetragrammaton (a four-letter word) ‘YHWH’, or what we call Yahweh or Jehovah. It was never called by the Jews because they claimed it was too holy to be called and also that its real meaning had since been lost but was known only to the God of their fore fathers.

Jesus Christ is further called ‘the Lord God of the spirit of the prophets’. Rev. 22:6

The Unveiling The Bride of Christ : The ‘New Jerusalem’ (Rev.21:1-4).It is the Christian church in a state of great prosperity and purity.Gal.4: 24-27. Heb.12: 22,23 calls it the Church of the Firstborn. Christ will also establish an everlasting kingdom with a new heaven and a new earth.

No More Death! (Rev 21:4; John 11:25; 1 Cor.15: 26, 27). There shall be no more death because of the General Resurrection. Just as the Law of Aerodynamics swallows the Law of Gravitational Pull so also does Resurrection Life, the only principle that swallows Death. Without Resurrection Life, Death will continue to kill. It is the Law of the Spirit of Life in Christ that conquers the Law of Sin and Death (Rom. 8:2)

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