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(Adapted from an address originally titled ‘THE MIGRANT DNA‘ and delivered by Tokunbo Beulah Johnson at the 10th Year Anniversary of Joy Christian Centre, Basildon, Essex, UK on Sunday; July 13,2014)
Here is to all my friends in ‘Diaspora’(Diaspora is a noun with an origin rooted in the book of Deut 28:25 (‘thou shalt be a dispersion in all kingdoms of the earth.’) and has been used over the years to define those who have been scattered or dispersed from their original home land and are now migrants (or Asylum-seekers) in a land not their place of birth due to various reasons ranging from Religious or Political Persecution to Economic crisis or even plain instructions from God.
It may interest you to know that Man had always been nomadic and have migrated from place to place in search of “greener pastures” for himself and his flock/herds. It is the process through which the whole earth had enjoyed population and arrived at a balanced societal and landscape development.
According to history, in the 8th–6th centuries BC, and even before the sack of Jerusalem in AD 70, the number of Jews dispersed by the diaspora was greater than that living in Israel. Thereafter Jews were dispersed even more widely throughout the Roman world and beyond. However, this reality still holds true today not only for Jews but also for a number of citizens of other nations.
The main ‘diaspora’ began in the days of Abraham when God told him to leave his home country and go to the land of Canaan, a land far, far away…God later called  Jesus  “out of Egypt”. So as a child even Jesus lived in diaspora in fulfilment of prophecy.(Matt 2:15;Hosea 11:1).
So clearly‘Home land’ or ’Home office’ issues had been a part of human history and development. That you are living in a country different from your place of birth is NOT a disadvantage. Rather, it is for the sake of the Call!
Henceforth,let us stop viewing Diaspora (though it means dispersed) from the binoculars of negatives and disadvantage .Or has God not said that  “from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia My worshippers, The daughter of My dispersed ones, Shall bring My offering” (Zephaniah 3:10,NKJV) meaning the best that God deserves from your life will come from diaspora!
So basically what I intend to say to you through this write up is that IT’S OK TO BE A DISPERSED ONE! It might just have been God’s Plan for you right from the beginning. All the more for His Purpose than we humans can ever know. Yes, God’s ways are past finding out!
Or How Do You Read : Gen.12:1-20 (Pharaoh & Sarah’ story);Gen. 20: 1-18 (Abimelech’s Story); Acts 7: 1-36 (Stephen’s Story of God’s Redemption Plan For Israel)
One of the lies the devil tell, migrants is that they will ‘die’ on the journey! But God’s Word teaches us differently. It teaches us that every migration is a step towards a high calling in God. It is for the sake of His Eternal Purpose, that people are moved by God to distant lands. It is a Calling…!
If it is true that Bible Greats (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, 12 Patriarchs, Moses and even Baby Jesus in infancy) were all migrants to lands which were not their homeland, then there is a blessing for you in the land where you are right now!They always returned with great accomplishments and blessings! In Jesus Name I declare, you will not be an exception!
So if you are living in ‘foreign land’, how should you see the land? Simply envision and see the land as God taught Abraham to see Canaan, the land of his sojourn?
1.  See it that the treasures of that land is meant as a possession for you and your children’s children.
2.  See it that land is meant to shield you from being exterminated by the enemy (even if it’s short term).  So right now,in the land of your sojourn,refuse to embrace a ‘Casualty mentality’.Rather declare constantly that the land will not consume you or your seed!
3.   See it that land is meant to provide you with every resource, every leverage/network and every skill necessary for your life to be fruitful and to bring God true worship. (Ex 7:16).
Then continue to declare what you see!
Migration power is in the DNA of all people chosen by God for a special assignment. Your relocation then is a Call! And in the words of Joseph, son of Jacob, the enemy might have meant it for evil but God by all means and purposes meant it for good.
However in the DNA of the migrant is the capacity to make him treat other migrants with utmost hospitality. That’s what Abraham and Lot did. That virtue saved their lives and activated God’s Promises upon them both(Through it Father Abraham activated the Isaac promise.Uncle Lot released himself from the destruction of Sodom)
Look forward to see good in the land of your sojourn and live up your Call. Stop looking back!
One of the idiomatic expressions used over time for migrants is “go to Egypt”;Egypt being the epicenter of world government back in the days of yore.
Today, migrants litter ‘Egypt’(any foreign land that provides you with succor from any form of threat(Refer to the two earlier posts of this address).
God has built something in you that will unlock the treasures of Egypt necessary for your Call. It comes by default in anyone called to migrate! You only need to discover it and send it on errand. To make it in Egypt, here are principles to apply :
1. Learn the wisdom for the hour and be discerning with what you say. To save his life, Abraham said of Sarah “she is my sister” (Gen.12; Gen.20) So Get wisdom to know the right words to use when in a foreign land. Ask God for His wisdom, DAILY! (Eph. 1:17-19 ; Jas 1:5).Yes,be wise,deliberate and painstaking even when you fill that ‘migrant status’ form’…!
2. Know the resources that lie within you and send it on errand for interface.Know what you have and how to use it to for your leverage and advantage!
–      Abraham relied on Sarah’s beauty for favor before a brutal ,heathen King ofEgypt.
–      Mordecai depended on the beauty of his Jewish niece, Esther to save a whole generation of Jews in Persia).
–      Joseph’s Gifting and Supernatural endowment preserved the Israel nation( Even Daniel saved his own neck and those of his friends in Babylon by his ability to interpret King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream)
–      The little Jewish slave-girl by excellent service gained the attention of her warrior Master Naaman to come see Israel for his healing.
So what are your Natural or Supernatural endowments (Brains, Beauty, Servant heart, etc)? Everyone has something! Dig it up!
3. Demand Egypt’s Resource.
–    Jewish slaves became instant ‘millionaires’ in gold and all manner of treasures when during the Exodus, they plundered Egypt at God’s command.(Ps 105:37)
–    Solomon’s Imported horses fromEgypt and made great fortunes just by exporting them to other kingdoms(1 Kings10:29)
You must not leave Egypt empty-handed. Get to work!
Open yourself up to God’s specific instructions:
– The Boy Jesus was saved when Joseph, Mary’s husband’s heard and obeyed the instruction of God-Matt 2)
– Only a Prompt Obedience to God (Passover Lamb Command) protected the firstborn of all Jews from certain death on the night of their Exodus.
Truly,the secrets of the Lord are with those who fear Him.
Permit me to remind you again that if you will unlock the treasures of the foreign land, you must obtain the followings:
1. Ask the Lord for the Spirit of Wisdom and revelation (Pray the Pauline Prayers DAILY – Eph. 1: 16-19, Eph. 3:14-19, Col.1: 9-12)
2. Ask the Lord for  Accurate Strategy for engagement.
3. Ask to Receive Divine Favour as you stand before the Kings of Egypt(the economic and political systems of the land of your sojourn)!

Today, I decree, in the Matchless Name of the Risen Christ and by the Spirit of the Sovereign God, Possessor of Heaven and the Earth that Egypt shall yield her increase for you…!

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