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In the days in which we live, where parenting is fast becoming a lost battle, are there principles in God’s Holy Word that can help? My answer is Yes!

Take a quick look with me on the outcome of the Parenting Style of Joseph and Mary (Jesus’ Parents)

Read up the interesting account in  Luke Chapter 2.

When I did I noticed the followings:

1. Joseph and Mary had a custom of worship and warmed their Child into the same commitment.(Lk.2:41,42)

So then they brought up their child to know them as Worshippers!

Do your children know you as a regular Worshipper of the God that is Mightier than you? Do you lead them to a weekly or any regular congregation of worshippers.

Worship means we ourselves are submitted to someone higher. When your child sees this custom of, and commitment to worship, he also by default learns to submit himself to you.

Little wonder the same temple the Child Jesus was taken consistently in the first 12 formative years of His life proved to be His first ever preaching platform and had been there the whole of 3 days (Lk.2:46).Your child’s spiritual conviction will follow the direction of your own faith and conviction. “Train up a child in the way he should go…” Said the book of Proverbs.

Jews and Easterners know ever so well how true this is.

2. Joseph and Mary allowed their pre-teen Child Jesus to enjoy the company of their friends and relatives who observed and enjoyed the same custom of worship as they(Lk.2:43-44). Allow your child know that you belong to a Community of Worshippers like yourself and that you are not traveling the Journey of faith alone.

They too will grow up to treasure community.Might be the reason why Jesus went to enlist 12 other guys and then another 70 others who lived and worked with him.

He knew how to coexist and not to travel the journey of life alone!

He never felt unsafe and insecured in the company of other people.

Unlike many grown ups today who are ever unsettled and insecured in the company of spouses,relatives or acquaintances which continues to be the reasons for separation,divorces,and other relationship problems today.

3. Joseph and Mary were reflective of the child’s destiny (Lk.2:19,33,51). They took time to give their mind to the cause of their Child.

Every time Mary heard anything said about the Child,she pondered and reflected on it in her mind.As a result Mary would later prevail on Him to turn water into wine.She knew from all that she had heard said about him since childhood that He had capacity for even the seeming impossible! Mary beloved in her Child. Do you believe in yours or do you write him off as a never-do-well?!

Learn to shower praise on the child and joyfully celebrate his little ‘mighty’ deeds.

4. They were emotionally responsible for the child.They expressed their anxiety at his displacement(Lk:2:48)

When the child ‘strayed’ they went looking for him.

Let the child know that he is not just a statistics but an important figure.Express your heart-break to him. Let him know how emotionally attached you are to him and how devastated you get when he strays from your well-meaning instructions.

He may rebuff you at first but he will respond to your love and care at last!

5. Joseph and Mary allowed the free expression of the child’s opinion and individuality (Lk.2:49). They allowed him freedom to express his purpose which is being in “My Father’s House”; thereby declaring His Sonship of the Father God.

In essence the Child Jesus was boldly expressing that He was equal to the Father in capacity.

Everyone came on the earth fully loaded with his own fair share of God’s grace and endowment.Their purposes are  locked in these graces.

Parents need to allow this purpose to be unlocked and these graces (giftings) unbundled for the person-child to serve his generation.

Has your child exhibited some passion in a particular direction that you may not totally understand or agree with?Simply provide a helping hand to him. Or Who knows?

Little wonder then that in the light of this setting, the Child-Jesus grew up mentally healthy and highly spiritual capacitated.(Lk.2:52)

I fear that if we fail to tow this path our ‘well-intentioned’ parenting efforts may fail with our home most likely becoming a breeding ground for dysfunctional children.

So again i say clearly,

Parents stop exasperating your children!

Give your child the break he needs.

Respect his individuality !!

So then it’s possible to raise mentally healthy, highly confident, profoundly spiritual and yet very submissive children (Lk.2:51,52) in a perverse world.

My thinking is : If the parents of Jesus did, so can we !

I am,

Tokunbo Beulah Johnson

President,Men Of Integrity Network(MOI)

Convener,Man-O-Meter Annual Conference For Men



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Jesus Is Lord!!