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Guaranteed Safety

“…the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream and warned him, saying “take the young child and His mother and flee to Egypt and be there till I tell you, for Herod will seek out the Child to kill Him…” – Matthew 2:13

The season of Christmas ought to fan the flame of hope, faith and love in the hearts of God’s children. He constantly reaches out to us, assuring us of His provision and protection, two major needs that we have. One could have asked, why didn’t God just eliminate Herod at that time (he died later…), just as we often ask, why does He not just take away our problems before they occur? Well, the truth is that God operates a system of Divine Order predicated on “times and seasons” (see Eccl 3:1-3). So, though He may not remove the trial, He however guarantees your safety! Compare with Revelations 12. The story is told here of a great red dragon that attacks a “child” (please read). The description of the dragon is very fierce and deadly, but notice in verse 6 that the woman “…fled …to a place prepared for her BY GOD, where He had commanded her to be fed, for 1,260 days…” While God did not destroy the red dragon, because of His Sovereign understanding of Times and Seasons, working out His Divine purpose, He however made provision for their protection and sustenance! He even knew the number of days to provide for! Obviously this story has deeper meaning, however the point remains that there is a place of refuge for God’s people. The bible calls it the “secret place of the Most High God” (Ps 91:1)! This is what Christmas should remind us of: God’s ability to preserve and protect. It may seem rough now, and you may be wondering why the storm still rages on despite your prayers, well, go back to the Lord and instead of asking for the storm to end, ask that He takes you to the secret place of provision & refuge prepared by Him for you, until the storm passes!


In Jesus Name I declare I abide in the secret place of the most high, I abide under the shadow of the almighty. The Lord is my refuge and strength. The Lord is my safe haven I will fear no evil. I walk in the covenant blessing of safety and protection today and always. Amen.