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(By Tokunbo Beulah Johnson- Senior Elder, The Capstone Yaba)
Governmental Prayers is how we (the Church) legislate. Yes through our strong prayer decrees!
“For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given, And the government will be upon His shoulder…”
– Isaiah 9:6 (NKJV)
“In the day when your walls are to be built, In that day the decree shall go far and wide”.
– Micah 7:11 (NKJV)
It is God’s nature to issue decrees! (Ps 105:1;Ps 148:6;Jer.51:12)
In the spirit realm, restoration or the building of a great destiny takes place only as result of divine decrees. It is these decrees that are at the heart of Governmental Prayer.
What Does Being Governmental Mean?
Government is about control…! According to Dutch Sheets, internationally known speaker, Prayer warrior and Executive Director of Christ for the Nations Institute, USA, “the question of who’s in control is a governmental issue”. 
We often think of government only in its civil sense, but Webster’s defines govern as “to direct and control; to regulate by authority; to influence; to direct; to restrain; to steer or to regulate the course of; to exercise authority to maintain the superiority.”
Therefore to govern means To exercise authority.
Concepts In Governmental Prayers
1. Spirit Policing- This is the act of spiritual monitoring and scanning of the environment against demonic contaminations.
2. Decrees and Proclamations- These are pronouncements to implement spirit governance.
A combination of these actions release the Watchers and Archangels into the earth realm of mortals so then there are Divine Visitations like Miraculous Deliverances, Visions, Trances, Dreams, and other Supernatural Orchestrations.
These are all prophetic actions that hamstring demon powers from continuing to perpetrate evil.These actions loosen hindered angels(Jude 1, Daniel’s 21 days prayer) from their grip to execute the whole counsel of God.
I concur with what a highly respected prophetic intercessor said recently, that “the church shouldn’t know more about demons than she should know about angels (her ministering spirits)”
Praying with Authority
As the works of nature(Wind, Sea, Fig Tree, etc) all obeyed Christ Jesus whenever He issued a decree against them.
Praying with authority, therefore, is “governmental intercession.” So, in essence, this is an issue of government—not politics, but prayer! 
Politicians and government officials legislate through man-made laws and rulings. We, the Church of the Living God legislate through spiritual laws, principles, and activities.
Governmental Prayer is how we (the Church) legislate. Yes through our strong prayer decrees!
The Dominion Mandate: Adam(Gen 1-Gen 3)
One of Scripture’s primary themes is the governmental authority. Adam before the Fall was actually created with a nature to rule, to govern, to exercise authority.
Using Webster’s definition of governing, the man was created “to direct and control; to maintain the superiority,” not to be lorded over by other people, evil forces or even unfortunate circumstances.
Through the second Adam( Christ Jesus) we were redeemed and our dominion mandate was restored to us. Hence one who believes in Christ is an overcomer, a conqueror.
When Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden, God’s instruction to him—which remains the same for us today—was to subdue, have dominion and multiply. Though this God-given propensity lost most of its purity at the fall, becoming infected with pride and selfish ambition (see Genesis 3), nonetheless the desire in humankind to govern its world was placed there by God.
This drive to govern and this call to legislate is “for such a time as this.” In Scripture, this phrase was used to describe a season in which the life of a nation was at stake (Esth. 4:14). Esther and Mordecai, of course, were used by God to thwart wicked Haman’s attempt to eradicate the Jews.
Demon spirit always try to hinder the destiny of nations since they are fallen angels themselves. They hinder the progress of nations and would do anything (including bad leadership) so the nation is not raised up to continue its existence. This was the spirit that operated through Haman. This spirit wars for the destruction of a nation God raised up, empowered by satan himself.
However, God has a response to Hamans, the Jews’ destroyer. It is an apostolic, praying church. One that will soon be offered the momentum of the last days; a third great awakening.
It is appropriate to use this phrase precisely at this time in history: “For such a time as this.” The Church of Christ is born for such a time as this with governing power. It is from the church that kingdom warriors will be birthed, trained and released by God to turn a nation such as ours back to its righteous roots and heavenly purpose.
Another part of this “army” will be found in human government roles. We must take back this part for its only as a righteous government come alongside a kingdom-minded and spirit-empowered church that God’s righteous authority will fully enter the earth: “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn” (Prov. 29:2, KJV).
It’s time for the Church to arise in God’s governmental authority—to direct, control, regulate, influence, restrain, steer and regulate the future course of this great nation—to maintain the status of superiority that God has given to us.
Our mandate is nothing less than this: “Behold, I have put My words in your mouth. See, I have appointed you this day over the nations and over the kingdoms, to pluck up and to break down, to destroy and to overthrow, to build and to plant” (Jer. 1:9-10, NASB).
We must shift from petition prayer to declarative prayer.
We must engage in authoritative governmental intercession, laying hold of God’s Word and making it the sword that divides what is permissible from what cannot be!
Now let bones join to other bones according to Ezekiel’s prophecy and may the Breath of the Almighty Jehovah Sabaoth Himself fill our hearts and churches with the fresh fire of governmental prayers!