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Giving All

David longed for water and said, “Oh, that someone would get me a drink of water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem!” So the three mighty men broke through the Philistine lines, drew water from the well near the gate of Bethlehem and carried it back to David. But he refused to drink it; instead, he poured it out before the Lord.  “Far be it from me, O Lord, to do this!” he said. “Is it not the blood of men who went at the risk of their lives?” And David would not drink it.
– 2 Samuel 23:15-17

All over the world there are many men and women taking unprecedented risks to push God’s Word and Kingdom forward in hostile lands and conditions. Today we remember these people who daily seemingly make a pact with death to move our Kingdom forward.

In a time when people largely think of themselves and their comforts, we must pause and be inspired by the selflessness of a few of the fold who are not ashamed to make huge sacrifices for the Captain of the Armies of God.

Giving All

Giving All

These honorable men and women remind us of David’s Mighty men. What an incredible story! These men so committed and loyal to their earthly leader simply responded to a desire that their Captain had.

He never even gave a command. They simply caught a whim of what he longs for and they put their lives on the line. So precious did David consider what they did that he refused to drink the water and offered it to God. Read this story and think deep and long.

How conveniently are you living?

Remember all missionaries and Christians in hostile nations and support them in prayer today. Also remember all Ministers, pastors, and Shepherds who daily risk their lives, sacrificing their all to build God’s House.

Finally, let us think of how we too may get off our couches of comfort and do something God can look at and be proud of.

In Jesus Name I pray for all missionaries and Christians in remote places, in hostile conditions that they will be strengthened with power in their inner man today. I declare the Pastor and ministry leaders in my local assembly are blessed, protected and strengthened. Help me Lord, to deepen my commitments in Kingdom matters now and always. Amen