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Fight Like A Man

“Be strong, and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God. The Lord will do what is good in his sight.”
—1 Samuel 10:12 (NIV)

Your past is not the most important thing, your future is. God has a unique way of awakening the dormant warrior within to fight one battle that prepares us to fight and win an even bigger one.

Consider what the leader Joab said to inspire his warriors in 2 Samuel 10:12: “Be strong, and let us fight bravely for our people and the cities of our God ”. Fight for a cause greater than yourself. It’s in you.

It’s okay if you don’t think of yourself as a warrior, at least in earthly terms. But God has made you to fight battles. And He’s given us many spiritual weapon. The strongest man is not the one who lifts the most weight but the one who has the most faith.

Others of you may be thinking, There really is a battle brewing. And I can’t afford to lose it. If that’s you, it’s time for you to fight.

Maybe you’re in danger of failing financially. Now is the time to fight like your life depends on it, to get control of your budget and align your priorities with your cash flow.

Perhaps you’re playing with a lustful fire. You keep returning to images and people and places that excite you but also unleash something you’re afraid you can’t control. You’re going to get burned. Decide. Confess and overcome this darkness.

Your marriage might be hanging by a thread. Determine never to surrender. Use love, patience, and forgiveness. Lay down your life and save your marriage. Maybe your kids are making dangerous decisions.

Get down on your knees and fight like a man — of God!

Learn how to fight with faith, with prayer, and with the Word of God. Then, when your enemy attacks, fight for the righteous cause God gave you. Draw a line in the sand.

Make your enemy pay. Make sure he gets the message. Don’t cross a warrior. Don’t mess with this man of God. Come out fighting.

And don’t show up for this fight unarmed.

Use the weapons God gave you, and you’ll win. Can you feel it? It’s inside you.

It’s time to fight like a man.




Dear Heavenly Father, I receive the the grace to be strong and to fight. I stand in faith and come against every enemy of my life. May all enemies in my life, enterprise and ministry be shattered in pieces. Satan take your filthy hands of my inheritances in Jesus Name. I am strong in the Lord. I fight the good fight of faith all the day of my life. Amen.

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