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The Sunday Worship experience is no longer about wearing nice clothes and belonging to groups. At least not any more.
The Church today MUST meet more than just societal needs. It should cater to our children; building honorable boys and graceful girls. It should strengthen families, help marriages work and build a network of support for young people to thrive;fulfill their purpose in life.
At the Capstone Church, we jointly engage God to meet our deepest and personal needs. From the ‘Wisdom School’ (Children’s Church), with trained teachers and equipped classrooms, to ‘ZeroGravity'(the Unmarried People’s Expression)we embrace your children and prayerfully mentor them into Kingdom-Class Citizens.
Our Mid week and Sunday Services focus on deepening a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through an irresistible worship experience, an atmosphere of sincere prayer and undeniable Biblical Truth.
Ours is a warm Church where everyone has equal access to God’s goodness. At the Capstone, everything connects us to God! Simply put, we ENGAGE Him on a personal and corporate level.
So take the tour and see for yourself. Get to know us better, simply attend any of our services.
If it is a personal and deep worship experience you desire; something different from the norm, then come let’s ENGAGE God together.
…In His Presence is the FULLNESS OF JOY!(Psalm 16:11c)

From 9am every Sunday we engage God with intense and liberty.

We also broadcast all our services live every Sunday and Wednesday, click here to bookmark or watch