PST. FUNMI JOHNSON:  Open the eyes of my heart Lord, open the eyes of my heart, I want to see you.  You know when things seem not the way we want it, and the Lord gives you a glimpse of what is happening.
The Prophet was praying for his servant and he said, “Look, the troops are about to overpower us and the Prophet prayed, “Lord, open his eyes.”  Then he opened his eyes and he saw.  He said, “Ah, those that are with us are more than those that are against us.”  What did he see?  He saw the host of angels they were all in big biceps and then he now saw that even those people could not shoot an arrow.  I say something to you: you may not see what is happening in the physical but when the Lord opens your eyes and you see what is happening in the spirit, you have to rejoice.
How do I know that?  Look at the story of Abraham again in Genesis 15:4 “Then the word of the Lord came to him: ‘This man will not be your heir.'”  Up until that time, Abraham had no biological child, Abraham had gone to conquer the five kings that were against his nephew, Abraham had already trained 318 men in his own household, Abraham had already been served communion by God himself in the person of Melchizedek.  Abraham was walking with God and he had come to a point where he said to himself: “You know what?  Even though he slays me, yet I will praise him. I will make do with this servant of mine.”
But the Lord said to him: “Look at me Abraham, this man will not be your heir.  But a son who is your own flesh and blood will be your heir.”  Then the Lord took him outside, he took him outside and said, “Look up at the sky and count the stars, if indeed you can count them.”  Then he said to him, “So shall your offspring be.”  Abraham believed the Lord and he credited it to him as righteousness.  Why and how did he believe the Lord?  He took him outside and he said, “Count.”  I pray for you this morning, that the Lord will speak to you and will make you to see something that will make you to know.  It could be someone else’s testimony; it could be something that you will read in a book.
Let me tell you this story: In 1992 when I met my husband, he was just my friend in the Bible School.   And then, my belief, my desire is to marry someone that loves God above every other thing.  Every woman wants a rich man.  How many people want a rich man?  Every woman wants a man that, you know, six packs, broad shoulders and all that but I know that all those things are subject to change.
In 1990, The Lord spoke to me: “I’m calling you into ministry and you’re going to marry someone I’ve called into the five-fold ministry.”  So, my priority was somebody that will be in the ministry.  We were both in the Bible School even though he was my senior.  I knew he had been looking at me since he came into the school.  I wasn’t sure if he was concentrating on what they were being taught.  But that’s a story for another day.
Miracles occur when we see.  When I saw my husband and I saw his fervency, I knew that everything I needed in a man was complete in him.  Do you understand what I’m saying?  Because when I saw that thing, that deposit: that this man fears God and I know behind the fear of God is house, money, wealth, peace, joy.  I saw that.  I did not see those things there, but I saw just one thing.  All you need for your miracle is just one thing.  Somebody say “one thing.”
AUDIENCE:  One thing.
PST. FUNMI JOHNSON:  Very little; very insignificant.  The whole world may not see it.  The whole world saw the stars but they did not see them as the children of Abraham; only Abraham saw it.  It got to a point God took Abraham out again and he changed his name.  He said, “You know what?  Now, you have seen it.  I’m going to give you something to make it simpler for you.  No longer shall you be called Abram, you shall now from this day be called what? Abraham.”  And what does Abraham mean?  Abraham means the father of nations.  So, every time your wife calls you, she will not just call you darling dear, she’s will have to call you what?  Father of nations.  So, you are seeing it, you are prophesying it, you are declaring it, you are proclaiming it.
I want to say to somebody: if you have heard the word of the Lord, now begin to obey him.  And when you have obeyed him, now begin to rejoice at what you see, begin to decree it, begin to sing it, begin to proclaim it, begin to prophesy it.  It may not happen today, it may not happen tomorrow, but it will surely happen because the word of God is yes and is amen.  Has he said it, will he not do it?  He is not man that he should lie nor the son of man that he should repent of his word.  How many people will receive miracle this year?  Just wave your hands to him and say thank you.
AUDIENCE:  Thank you.
PST. FUNMI JOHNSON:  I can see my miracles it’s coming my way. It’s coming in the name of Jesus.  In Genesis 17 verse 5, he changed the name of Abraham.  In verse 16, he changed the name of Sarai so that they can began to live out exactly what they anticipate.  Clear room for your miracles.  Tell your neighbour “It’s coming.”
AUDIENCE:  It’s coming.
PST. FUNMI JOHNSON:  Look at someone sitting close to you and say, “look at me very well.”
AUDIENCE:  Look at me very well.
PST. FUNMI JOHNSON:  Treat me nice now.
AUDIENCE:  Treat me nice now.
PST. FUNMI JOHNSON:  If you treat me nice now, when I become big I will remember you.  But if you don’t treat me nice, when I become big, you will fill form, you will stay long not at the reception, but at the gate house.  But if you treat me nice, immediately they call me that you are around, the gate man will usher you to the reception, the receptionist will call me.  I will send my PA, Executive Assistant and my waiter; three of them together because you were nice to me when I was poor.  Tell your neighbour, “Treat me nice.”