Free! Free At Last!

“Now, Lord, You can release your SLAVE (bond-servant) in peace as you promised”!
– Luke 2:28 

After Jesus was born, according to Jewish custom, (read Luke 2), He had to be taken to the temple for dedication. At the temple, His parent’s stumbled upon a pious old man called Simeon. It had been revealed to this man that he would not see death until the Messiah appeared, and so Simeon lingered on, unable to “rest in peace” as it were, until this day! When he saw Jesus, he knew by supernatural insight that this was his day of release. He picked up the child, blessed God (v28) and prayed. Compare this account quickly with another story in Gen 42. The “wicked” brothers of Joseph could not recognize him when they went to Egypt. In order to ensure compliance when he demanded to see their last brother Benjamin, he arrested and bound SIMEON, as surety until Benjamin appeared before him. (Read Gen 42:24). Simeon again was only RELEASED after Joseph (representing Jesus Christ) revealed himself to Benjamin (the Church). Dear reader, Christmas isn’t just a time of merriment alone. It shouldn’t be overshadowed by revelry, craziness, acquisition or just travels and tours. The appearing of Jesus through His birth signifies release, freedom and escape from the wicked grip of Satan. It is a time to assert our divine right to health, deliverance, prosperity, salvation and increase! Simeon, representing the “Bound-Man” was set free at the appearance of Christ, shouldn’t you also be free? Can you see the joy Simeon had in the temple with regard to his release? Notice also that after Joseph revealed himself to Benjamin and released Simeon, he threw a lavish party for them. Let this Christmas be different for you. Use these scriptures and challenge heaven for your deliverance. Be like Simeon and lay claim to your release according to His Promise! Amen!


In Jesus Name I declare the Lord has set me free from the curse of the law through the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. I am free from the bondage of sin, sickness and poverty. I am free to subdue, reign, govern and expand in every area of life and living. I am free indeed! Amen.