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Acknowledge him

 He came to the world He himself created, but the world DID NOT RECOGNIZE HIM…
– John 1:10 

One of the sad things about Christmas is the fact that many who will celebrate will do so with no recognition of Christ Himself! Jesus knows the feeling all too well. Let us go back again to Joseph, the “type” of Christ, whose story is told in Gen 42 and 43 (do well to read). The brothers of Joseph had sold him to Egypt, a land of bondage just as in the same way Jesus had to come to the world, a place held bound by Satan, and was later sold by Judas. In Gen 42:8, when his brothers came to Egypt for food (because of the global famine), they met Joseph, but did not recognize him, “And Joseph knew his brothers, but they did not recognize him”. In the same way, John 1:10 declares, “He came to the world He himself created, but the world DID NOT RECOGNIZE HIM…. So also, many of us celebrate the festival of Christmas, but miss out the Christ IN the Christmas. Even the word Christmas in many quarters is being replaced by X-mas and in the West, the salutation, “Merry Christmas”, is gradually being replaced by “happy holidays”. Indeed we live in interesting times. Beloved, notice that only after Joseph fully revealed himself to His brothers did they have peace. Only then did He throw a lavish party for them. In the same way, only when we have a full recognition of who Jesus is can we enter into a relationship of Provision and Peace. Up until this point, they saw Joseph as a Mighty and Tyrannical Egyptian Leader and were terrified of offending Him. So it is with many today, who live in fear and terror of God. But when Joseph revealed His true identity, then they could experience love, forgiveness and grace. Then they could eat and have fellowship together. Beloved, we need to ask Jesus to reveal Himself to us in a deeper dimension this season. Let us ask that the veil be removed so that we can see Him as He wants us to see Him. Only then will we really enjoy the fellowship and benefits of His Birth!


In Jesus Name I declare I trust in the Lord with all my heart. I do not lean on my own understanding. In all my ways I acknowledge Him and He shall direct my path today and always. Amen