Welcome to City-Gate Academy of Christian Ministry.

This online ministry school is the place of discourse in biblical ministry and of validation of ministers that would engender change in the 21st Century Church.

We are also willing to arrange ordinations for any participant who senses a Call of God.


At City Gate Academy, we aim to provide a platform where committed believers in Christ can interact with the Values of Kingdom leadership.

We shall endeavor to train and mentor such visionary men and women who will take the future gauntlet of Spirit-led, quality leadership we hope to see in the Body of Christ.

Thus, the robust and diverse curriculum of the City Gate Academy have been designed with this sole aim in mind.


In the words of Neil Kennedy (Charisma magazine Oct.2014):

“Early city planners knew that in order to provide controlled access and protection of the city, they would need gates. Thus, the city gate became an extremely popular place for all kinds of activities including the screening of who was going in and out of the city.”

Business leaders and merchants often would station someone at the gate to recognize new arrivals—prospective clients and customers.

City gates were also a place for announcements. Solomon said that Wisdom stations herself at the gate, at the entry of the city, for anyone who will listen to her. (Prov.1:20) So, the gate was the chief place of discourse and concourse.

It is also important to note the elders of the city would gather at the city gates to decide domestic situations (Deut. 21:18-21), legal matters regarding marriage (Ruth 4:1-11), and show hospitality to foreigners (Gen. 19:1).

So, the city gates were a significant place where rulers met and gave counsel to those seeking wisdom.”(Prov.31:23)



Training materials will be administered in various electronic forms such as Audio (mp3), video (mp4)etc.



Pst Tokunbo Johnson

My name is Beulah Tokunbo Johnson, Senior            Elder,The Capstone(Church Without Walls)              Lagos,Nigeria.

I am also a New Media Consultant and                Executive Director of various TV And Radio  programmes.

It is my honour to be your Moderator on this your   adventure into Christian Leadership.



Now,may the Lord give you sight as you wash in the pool of God’s Apostolic Wisdom !


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