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Choose Your Battle!

Wisdom Quote: 
“There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all”
– Peter Drucker

The saying ‘choose your battles’ holds true when there is a decision to be made between that which is important and that which is urgent.

Organizational health and progress are guaranteed when a leader is able to ask himself and answer the right questions: The questions of ‘Why?’(i.e. is it important? Should we be doing this?) and ‘When?’(i.e. is it urgent? Should we be doing this NOW!).

If you will be effective in life and work, you have to learn to prioritize.

Though a lot of things in life appear important, what should take the chunk of your time or energy and that of your organization is whatever is urgent and can’t wait!

#Wisdom Key:  
Make sure that your ‘When?’ always override your ‘Why?’

Wisdom Word:

1 Chronicles 22:12-13
“May the Lord give you discretion and understanding when he puts you in command over Israel, so that you may keep the law of the Lord your God.”

Wisdom Prayer:

Dear Lord Jesus, today I receive the spirit of wisdom and understanding to always know what to do. Discretion will protect me, and understanding will guard me. I declare in Jesus’ Name that I know where to channel my energy and what to abstain from! Amen.