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All true honor is born out of a heart surrendered to the King of Kings.

Our culture tends to treat God as common. We’re too familiar with him. We refer to Him as “the Man Upstairs” or “the Big Guy,” or we say things like “Jesus is my homeboy.” Jesus is not your homeboy. He is the soon-to-return, ruling, reigning King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He is the Alpha and the Omega. When He returns, it will be with a sword. He is the Righteous One who shed His blood so that we would live.

We have to stop treating God as common or ordinary. When we’re able to see Him as He is, we’ll honor others not because we want to be good people but because His name is on our hearts. We’re no longer common or ordinary, because having His name on us makes us valuable.

If you’re a Christian, what makes you valuable is the

name of Jesus written on your heart. Because of what He did for us on the cross, our only reasonable response is to do something with our lives that honors Him.

We will not be a generation that gives God only lip service. Instead, we’ll show Him honor from our hearts. It’s because of what He did that we are who we are. We should value others and show them honor, and we should help them see that they were valuable enough for Jesus to give His life for.

Living with honor reminds us of who we really are, who God is, and how much He loves those around us. When we place our selfish egos on the altar of honor, we become aware of the value that God places on each and every life, including our own.

God calls us to honor our pastors and church leaders. The Bible tells us that we are to show honor to those who are spiritually instructing and discipling us:

The elders who direct the affairs of the church well are worthy of double honor, especially those whose work is preaching and teaching. — 1 Timothy 5:17

Giving honor where it is due has tremendous power.

When you show honor to those who lead you spiritually, I guarantee you that they will take very seriously the role that God has placed them in.

Since most of us have been raised in a dishonoring culture, how can we grow in honor? The English Standard Version of the Bible translates Romans 12:10 like this:

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.

So it’s really that simple. Take that verse to heart, and not only show honor to other people but try to outdo one another in showing honor. What does that mean? That means that you go out of your way to demonstrate honor to them. Whether they deserve it or not (and honestly, many won’t), you give it out freely. Treat honor like it’s the most renewable resource on the planet.

At your church, single out the people who serve you. Thank them. Show them honor. Write a note to those who minister to you (and also your kids). Bring a gift to your small group leader. Email the pastor to say thanks for helping you grow closer to God through worship. Outdo one another in showing honor. Lift them up. Encourage them. Esteem them highly. Tell them you value them, and then demonstrate it by your actions

So join me today to honor and celebrate a man of honor, a truly deserving leader and pastor par excellence, the Pastor and Senior Elder of The Capstone (Church Without Walls). Pastor Tokunbo Beulah Johnson on the occasion of His 50th Birthday Today! (November 6th)

If this daily devotional series have blessed your life, then it was because he obeyed the call. Be a blessing to him today and reach out to him on the occasion of attaining his golden jubilee age. You can reach out to him on social media by clicking either of the following links Facebook, PageTwitter or SMS/WhatsApp +2348023182030,
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He is indeed worthy of double honour.


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank you for the life and ministry of your son and servant, Pastor Tokunbo Beulah Johnson. I pray for him specifically today that you will bring him into jubilee indeed. May his life and ministry experience the jubilee of God from this day onwards in Jesus Name. Amen.

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