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You can partner with us to bring hope to millions of God’s creation all over the earth through our online ministry especially the Quiet In The Storm Daily Devotional amongst many others.

For account details to make cash or cheque deposits, Funds Transfer or Mobile Transfer click here

And you can now interact with us much more easily on your mobile devices. Thanks to a newly developed mobile App already available on all mobile stores for download and installation.

Furthermore, it is so easy to use as well.

The App is called “ My Mobile Church”  (powered by GTBank Plc)

Below is a guide to how you can download the App, interact with The Capstone Church and Give from anywhere at anytime.

How To Download My Mobile Church App

Follow the following steps:

Go to your device’s Applications Store

Click here for  all android devices (Phones and Tabs).  Click here for Apple(iOS) devices (Phones and Tabs). Click here for Blackberry Devices.

  1. Search for “my mobile church”
  1. From the list, Choose my mobile church by GTBank

App Store

  1. Click Install, Get or Download as the case may be.
  1. Once successfully installed on your device, click open



  1. Once the App is open, click FIND MY CHURCH and select THE CAPSTONE CHURCH


  1. Click on The Capstone Church and follow the arrow to the Home page. A list of posts on our activities will be accessible.

step7step8 step9




  1. The App keeps you updated on church activities and enables you to Give with convenience and safely.







  1. To Give, Simply Click the menu bar (set of 3 bars on the top corner of your screen) and choose GIVE






  1. You will be prompted to login. If It’s your first time, you will have to click on Sign Up at the lower part of your screen to register. Please note that the registration is once and for all.


  1. Once you click Sign Up, you will be redirected to FIND MY CHURCH, select THE CAPSTONE CHURCH. And click continue

Find My Church








  1. Carefully fill in your details as required and click SIGN UP. If filled correctly, you will be redirected to THE CAPSTONE CHURCH welcome home page. (Pls note your password, it doesn’t need to be too complicated for ease of remembering)


  1. From THE CAPSTONE CHURCH homepage, click menu (3bars on the top corner of your screen) and choose GIVE.





  1. Select your type of Giving from the options available by clicking on the arrow beside Type of Giving.

Select TYPE OF GIVING (Purpose)



  1. Input Amount
  1. Choose Payment Method, either Internet Banking (only possible with GTBank account holders and not from other banks) or ATM/Debit Card (This accepts all Naira denominated cards issued by any Nigerian Bank)

Payment Method: Internet Banking (GTBank Only) Or ATM/DEBIT CARD (All Nigerian Banks)







  1. Input your remarks if any and click the GIVE button.
  2. You will be directed to the screen where you access your internet banking on GTBank platform (if you chose internet banking) or to the Interswitch platform for card details (if you chose ATM/Debit Card).
  1. Make sure you input your internet sign on n password correctly (Internet banking users) or your correct card details (ATM/Debit Card users).
  1. Once transaction is successfully completed a transaction successful message will be displayed. If not, an error message will be displayed.

Successful Page







  1. In either case of the above, you will be redirected back to THE CAPSTONE CHURCH homepage on the App to continue your experience and exploration of all the other information on the homepage.
  1. Whenever you want to go back and give again, Just navigate to the menu bar on the homepage of THE CAPSTONE CHURCH, choose GIVE, input your email and password you used previously when registering.
  1. Click LOGIN and you will be redirected back to the homepage of The Capstone Church.

24. Follow steps 13 to 20 again.

  1. You can use this App to make payments as often as possible. It provides you with convenience and allows you to give from anywhere you are at anytime.


God bless you as you give and support the vision to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

For account details to make cash or cheque deposits, Funds Transfer or Mobile Transfer click here