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And God said… What Do You Say?

‘And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness” ‘
– Genesis 1:3-4

Our divine nature places us in a position of great advantage that can be explored and exploited. God, The Almighty One who created all things by the Word of His mouth has empowered us also, to create by the Word of our mouth.

In the creation story as recorded in the book of Genesis, we read ;
God said….and He saw
God said….and He saw
God said….and He saw

Could it be that what you are seeing now is borne out of what you said or consented to?

When you understand the power of words, you will guide your tongue to repeatedly speak blessing into yourself, family, ministry, enterprise, community, and nation.

You should never leave life to chance or how you feel.

Take responsibility for your life!

In everyday life, let your words be carefully chosen, deliberate, intentional, targeted, seasoned, graceful and power-packed. Speak into the atmosphere around you and activate angelic ministration for your good. Shape life by the sweetness of your words.

Remember, the Spirit realm has ears to listen and act.

The new age religions, ancient religions, occultic groups, and herbalists chant incarnations when doing divination.
Because they know words are the vehicles through which the spirit come to the physical.

Beloved child of God, don’t be silent.

Miracles are still happening in our world, believe and keep declaring what God said concerning you. Keep saying it everywhere you go!

Never, ever, give up. Never allow past negative experiences to box you into a tepid life. You will have what you say, keep speaking! Something good will happen to you today and every day.

God said

God said

In Jesus Name I declare all things are working for my good. The whole creation will work to favor me today. Strangers and non-strangers alike will rise to help me always. I will not be stranded. I will not be disgraced. The everlasting arm of God will turn my situations around for good and for joy today and always. Amen.