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Alone With God

But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.
– Luke 5:16 (NIV)

Up until the early 1990s, almost all activities had an opening and closing time like TV stations, Corner shops, restaurants, and the likes. Not so anymore, today you can find many businesses open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. This is even made much more complicated by technology; smartphones, mobile apps, and the internet are always buzzing. If one does not get deliberate, the propensity is high that you will be ever busy, ever working, ever engaged in one activity or the other.

We live in a very demanding, active and busy world. However, we must deliberately and intentionally lead our lives with eternity in view always.

Many times at work, we create time for business reviews especially during the year-end activities or even monthly/weekly review meetings.  Sometimes we go on a business retreat to reflect on the state of our enterprise. Even in personal finance, the monthly bank statement of account reminds us of the need to reflect on our expenses and income.

There are also many apps that help track how healthy our heart is, how many calories we’ve added or lost in our weight management regimen, how many books we’ve read and so much more.

In all this, do we really track how far we are in the faith? Do we regularly monitor the state of our relationships with God first and others? What is the progress report of your prayer life?
How aligned are you with the mind and purpose of God for your life?
How many souls have you pointed to Christ in a definite way? and generally how much fire for Christ do you have in your bones?

You need to find a time, maybe a corner or chair in your house that is a ME Place. A place for you alone, you alone with God.

Sit down one on one with the Holy Spirit. A time of reflection, to ask the Holy Spirit about the state of your Christian journey.

It is easier for us to pray when we are going through a tough patch or facing a storm. If care is not taken, we may limit prayer to only challenging times whereas we are supposed to pray whether the times are good, exciting, smooth, rough, bad or stormy.

Whether we are buoyant financially or not, whether our business or career is smooth sailing or not, whether we are in bliss or drought, these are all temporal situations, we must never lose focus of eternal values and rewards.

For what will it profit a man (woman) if he (she) gains the whole world, and loses his (her) own soul? – Matthew 16, 26, Mark 8:36

Beloved, as you begin the  last month of this calendar year 2019,  you need to create that time, that place and moment of you and the Holy Spirit on a regular basis. Your life depends on it. Your eternity depends on it.

Indeed as a child of God, it is the most important time of your life. More important than your business, career, finance, or any other activity.


Dear Heavenly Father, I acknowledge you as my source, Lord and Master. I thank you for translating me into your kingdom. Help me never to drift from your presence. Help me to keep the focus on eternity and not be consumed by temporal needs and wants.
I receive grace to have a me-time alone with the Holy Spirit on a regular consistent basis. I receive grace to be a person of prayer no matter my personal experiences. In Jesus Name Amen