Weekly Accounting for the Finance.
Receive Payments and Make Reconciliations.
Audio Recording
Effective Recording and Mastering of Audio Messages
of all programmes on CD.
Building Fund
Savings and Financial Prospecting For Future
Church Building Project.
CD/DvD Production
Final Outputting of Quality CD,VCD,DVDs for Sale.
Change On TV
Telephone Counselling and Prayer for our global TV Outreach
Programme audience.
Preparing the Sacrament for Apostolic fellowship a
nd breaking of bread.
Corporate Affairs/Marketing Communication
Presenting Corporate appeal and outreach for the Church
and her ministries through the Media.
Couples’ Breakfast
Outreach to help couples handle marital realities.
Tribeless – (Drama Unit)
Outreach and ministry through the use of theatre,
creativity and art.
Family Life
Providing marriage counselling and planning tips
for intending couples.
Human Capital and Report Management
Gathering information,information analysis and
monitoring of reports from component
ministry units. Collate reports.
The Helpdesk (Information Unit)
Providing helpful information, database management
and information dissemination
for all members.
Integration of prospective and new comers
into the church life and membership.
Strategic praying and providing a prayer cover for all
ministries and church members.
Providing adequate light services to assist
quality video/tv production.
Men of Integrity (MOI)
Ministry platform and community for men to relate, fellowship
and be resourced in all aspects of their lives.
Management of Video-Editing(MS)suite for outputting
and mastering of quality video/tv production
Pastoral Care (New Converts ,Technical,Strategy)
Support Volunteers for the Office of The Senior Pastor
Post Production
Final Video Editing and mastering for standard global TV Programmes.
Projector Multi-Media
Providing visual information(songs,scriptures,etc)
to the congregation
via LCD multi-media projectors
Providing all logistics,support protocol services
and reception
to all guests to the ministry.
Providing Editorial services in print media outreaches
(newsletters,bulletins,magazines,fliers,Invites, etc)
Sales (CD/DVD,Books,etc)
Providing sales and distribution to all finished
audio-visual media products
Providing safe-keeping and various security measures
to the organisation’s daily operations.
Service  Management
Providing internal Service management support for all
church programmes and ministries.
Zero-Gravity (Youth And Singles)
Providing counselling and holistic developmental programmes for all
unmarried persons. Meets twice a month.
Sound Management
Providing good,best practices and quality live audio output for programmes
and church services.
Special Squad
Providing external support and backup service
during all churches services and programmes.
External Control (Car Park,Security Post,Outside Crowd Control,etc)
Teenage Church
Designing Outreaches,providing mentorships and training programmes
for the teenage population of the church.
The Mentoring School (TMS)
Providing Apostolic mentoring and training
to all confirmed members and graduates of
The Tyrannus School.
Tree Of Life Communities
Strategic Outreach Community integration ministry through
and for all remote members of The Capstone.
The Foundation in Christian Life Class and integration programme for all new
and prospective members of The Capstone.
Internal Crowd control unit, ministry support services
to achieve effective control and divine order in
our church services and programmes
Providing assistance to church members in crisis
and those needing urgent help,
comfort and mental support.
Wisdom School
Providing effective church ministry to children
aged 18 months and 13 years.
Women Group
Providing a kingdom community for women for collaboration,
mutual encouragement and prayer support.
Providing support ministry to the Pastor /word Ministry through music
and spirit-filled worship.
School Of Ministries(SOM)
An Advanced ministry training programme for maturing
our leaders for 5-Fold Ministries.
After completing Graduating The Mentoring School (TMS).
Web Ministry
Making all our ministry products (webcasts,podcasts,etc)
and programmes available online regularly.
Sanctuary Keepers
Group of volunteers devoted to ensuring that
the church building premises and utilities are in
sparkling clean state and properly maintained.
Ships Of Tarshish
An open gathering of kingdom-minded business men
and women with a common purpose
to promote the kingdom of God strictly through their businesses.
Megalios IT Foundation
A highly subsidized educational training platform to transform
the lives of Nigerian youths in the areas of
Media and Information Technology.
Whitefield Foundation
An open educational scholarship support system for poor but intelligent Nigerian students
irrespective of religion or ethnicity.
Dance Outreach For Teens
An open outreach ministry to youths through creativity ( Dance,Music and Entertainment)
Lagos Mainland Community Choir (LMCC)
An urbane contemporary chorale that seeks to discover and train raw musical talents
with a view to producing music that lifts the soul.
Movie Evangelism
A media outreach ministry targetting francophne countries with value-based home videos,film,
and movies as evangelism tool.


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