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30 Days’ Challenge!’

It has been said that “the world of business is not for amateurs and it usually takes years of running a gauntlet of mistaken assumptions and damaging missteps to become a true professional”.

The conventional MBA program provides all sorts of terminology and case studies to helping you become adept at conquering heights in business successes.

The 30 Day Success Challenge Study provided insights on Business Development, Sales Tips, and Leadership principles; all pointing to one thing that God is interested in our personal successes.

In The Month of May 2019, using our Quiet In The Storm Newsletter, we did put within your reach such valuable resources that everyone hoping to build a successful career, business or organization needs to know and have.

The Sovereign God has decreed it. And we say ‘Amen’ to it:
Zech 1:17 (THE MESSAGE):

“Say it again – a Decree of God-of-the-Angel-Armies: ‘My cities will prosper again, God will comfort Zion again, Jerusalem will be back in my favor again.'”

We pray you find them useful and helpful.

To Your Personal Success,

Beulah Tokunbo Johnson

Senior Elder/Pastor