Men are a cardinal part of God’s plan for the Earth. Embedded in every man is the Spirit of Leadership, Expansion, procreation and Vision.

Men are a cardinal part of God’s plan for the Earth

At Men’s Fellowship, God works in every man, making them His Image on the Earth. Seasoned speakers provide deep inspiring revelation through God’s word and through God’s move, hope arises as God’s army is prepared for Advance!

Men Of Integrity meets Every 3rd Saturday of the month for a time of worship, Prayer and Exhortation on different issues ranging from finance, to marital, parenting, economic empowerment, grooming, ethics, governance and more.

Join us Every 3rd Saturday of the month between the hours of 7am and 9am at The Capstone Auditorium, 360 Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos 

Furthermore, ManOMeter… the true measure of a man is the annual men’s conference outreach of The Capstone’s Men Ministry a.k.a Men of Integrity.

In 2010, the theme of Manometer was NURTURING YOUR SEED. 

In 2011, it was all about CELEBRATING THE WOMEN in our lives.

In 2012, the theme of discussion was GATE KEEPERS. Standing on your guard as a male man.

In 2013, the theme was SONS OF JOSEPH. Entering into the miraculous promises of God for the male man

In 2014, The theme is MANDATE. What is the mandate for the male man in this generation? Understanding why you are a man

In 2015, It was time to build strength of character and an indomitable Spirit. ADAMANT-IUM

2016 will be awesome.

VENUE: THE CAPSTONE AUDITORIUM, 360 Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos

DATE:   October 1 every year

For further details about Manometer 2015: ADAMANT-IUM click here

Man-O-Meter 2017: Take The Lead

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